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  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Gain a major advantage over rigid piping competitors by significantly reducing labour time
  • Quote more competitively to Win More Work
  • Make every installation more profitable
  • For ease and speed of installation
  • Run long, continuous lengths direct from meter to appliance - No joints
  • TracPipe®’s range of patented Autoflare® fittings
  • Durable and light weight
  • Semi-rigid and flexible

The Semi-rigid Gas Piping solution for ALL your gas pipe needs: 

TracPipe®, which is sold across the world and has dominated the US gas pipe market is making life easier – and more profitable – for specifiers and installers here in the UK and Europe.

TracPipe® – the corrugated stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping system is quickly becoming the recognised alternative to rigid copper or steel pipework installed between the meter and appliance.

While relatively new to the European market, corrugated stainless steel tube has a 30-year installation history, initially in Japan and then in North America, where the product has captured more than 50% of the US gas pipe market.

Here in the UK, TracPipe® is quickly being seen as a viable alternative to rigid copper and steel gas pipework. But what really seems to attract UK specifiers is how easy it is to work with alongside the savings that can be made on both cost and time.

TracPipe® can typically save up to 75% of the time normally required for a rigid steel or copper pipe installation. With this in mind history has proven that once UK specifiers try the TracPipe® system, they’ll immediately see the advantages both in terms of time saved and ease of specification and installation.

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