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Training for TracPipe®

Whether using TracPipe® for the first time or you need some refresher training, the Omega Flex Limited team are happy to offer free training to you either on-site, at your offices or even at our Banbury manufacturing facilities.

Why should I take to training?
Any person who is either installing or specifying TracPipe® has the option of undertaking the training. The training gives you all the fundamental information about the product including:

  • Key benefits
  • Installation requirements
  • Assembly of the AutoFlare® fittings
  • The ‘do and don’ts’

Why is it important to be trained?
Although the product is quick and simple to install, you need to ensure you get the fundamentals of installation correct, such as always ensuring a good clean cut and tightening the AutoFlare® fittings to the correct torque. By being properly trained and introduced to the product, this will ensure you make a correct gas tight joint first time, every time

How long does training take?
This will depend on the number of people being trained but typically between 45 minutes and an hour. The session will involve an introduction to TracPipe® with a demonstration of how to assemble the AutoFlare® fitting. Trainees will then be given an opportunity to assemble a fitting themselves and then they need to complete a question paper to demonstrate their understanding.

Do I get a qualification when trained?
We do not offer a qualification as such but each person who has been trained by us will be issued with a certificate and wallet sized encapsulated ID card showing that they have been certificated by us. You can then use this to demonstrate that you are competent in the installation of TracPipe®.



  • Saves up to 75% of installation time
  • Bends and conforms by hand
  • Pull gas pipe like electrical wire
  • Cuts with a standard stainless steel tube cutter
  • No threading or welding needed
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Unique, patented AutoFlare® fittings require no specialist tools to seal first time, every time
  • Can be buried directly in the ground or in screed
  • Manufactured to withstand normal shrinkage and movement to buildings

Request TracPipe® training

If you want to undertake training on TracPipe®, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange a suitable date:


  • Email
  • Telephone

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