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What is TracPipe®

TracPipe® is a fully approved stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping system for natural gas and LPG installations generally between the meter and appliance. It is possible to use TracPipe® for installations upstream of the meter - please contact us to discuss this further.

In use for over 10 years in the UK and across Europe, TracPipe® is manufactured in Banbury, England and is currently in use for gas piping systems in a variety of situations including homes, apartment blocks, schools and commercial buildings. It has become the recognised alternative to rigid copper or steel and is available from leading distributors across the UK and Europe.

TracPipe®, manufactured and Kitemarked to BS 7838, may be buried underground or directly in screed without the need for additional corrosion protection. TracPipe® bends by hand, needs very limited jointing and dramatically reduces installation time with speed, flexibility and ease of handling and fitting - improving safety and productivity with no need for time consuming hot work. TracPipe®'s superior tubing, coupled with its AutoFlare® fittings combine to make it the preferred gas piping solution.




The Unique Gas Tight Fitting

At the heart of TracPipe®'s design is its unique patented AutoFlare® fitting. Available in a variety of options including BSP taper threads and copper compression, AutoFlare® fittings link all the benefits of TracPipe® to other pipe fittings (e.g. malleable iron, steel, copper, etc) and do it with no specialist tools.

  • No tools to buy
  • No tools to hire
  • No tools to lose

Two spanners, a utility knife and a standard wheeled tube cutter with a steel blade are all you need to connect AutoFlare® fittings. AutoFlare® is self-flaring and easy to use. It is self-piloting and the joint seals with normal spanner torque for safe, leak-free connections. No jointing compounds or tape are required on the AutoFlare® part of the fitting.

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