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When Steve Willis Training Centres wanted to pipe gas into their training facility they turned to OmegaFlex to supply its revolutionary flexible gas piping system, TracPipe®.

Steve Willis Training Centres first opened in Burgess Hill, West Sussex in 2000 with a second, purpose-built, centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire opening in 2007. Following the success of the centres, the Portsmouth facility has recently undergone an expansion programme, doubling its size to increase its training capacity further.

Within each of the training centres there are a series of work stations at which installers can work on the whole range of gas appliances they are likely to come across in the field. This includes both old and new boilers, water heaters, cookers, hobs and gas fires.

Each appliance is fully operational and connected up to mains gas which is piped in to, and around, the building using TracPipe®, a stainless steel semi-rigid gas pipe system.

The system is an alternative to traditional rigid copper or steel and is installed between the meter and an appliance. It is three times faster to fit than copper or steel as it is easy to cut, bends by hand and requires no soldering or welding.

Mark Beves, Centre Manager - Portsmouth said “Because we teach about pipework across the spectrum and how to select the best pipe for the application, we knew TracPipe® would be the best option for bringing the mains gas into the building. It has, not only, the benefit of saving time but is also easier to install. The physical application of undertaking a job such as this which involves working at height makes TracPipe® the best option.

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“Also we teach our students how to undertake an installation properly and by having TracPipe® installed throughout the training facility it is clearly on view and therefore enables them to see what a quality installation looks like.”

OmegaFlex Limited works in partnership with Steve Willis Training Centres on the training of installers on how to use and work with TracPipe®. “It is important that installers understand about the developments in materials and materials technology and can understand the difference between traditional and modern methods. They also need to understand the technical considerations of jointing and fixing,” continued Mark.

“By having TracPipe® involved directly in the training, installers are able to see first-hand how the product works and what the benefits are. They can experience bending the pipe by hand, how easy it is to cut, join and fix and make a direct comparison to performing the same tasks using traditional materials.

Mark concluded, “TracPipe® is committed to supporting people coming in to the industry and its work with the apprentices and installers attending our courses forms an important part of their overall learning experience.”

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