The OmegaFlex® team will help you understand the significant benefits of using TracPipe®; and TracPipeCC® for your downstream gas installation designs when compared to rigid pipe materials like copper and steel, saving you time on the design and specification stages of a project.


The Semi-rigid Gas Piping solution for all your gas pipe needs

TracPipe® and TracPipeCC®, are making life easier and more profitable for specifiers and installers here in the UK and across Europe. The corrugated stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping systems, available in standard lengths of up to 90m, are the recognised alternative to rigid copper or steel pipework installed between the meter and appliance.

Safety is paramount so the products we manufacture will always be of the highest quality. TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® are made from the best quality materials and are continually robustly tested in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Procedures.

Once installed, as there are fewer joints needed when compared to rigid materials such as copper or steel (typically only two ends fittings over a length of pipe that can be 90m in length and sometimes even more) , this will result in a safer installation with fewer chances of gas escapes now or in the future.

OmegaFlex® has trained in excess of
users of TracPipe®
and TracPipeCC®

Market leaders in the UK since 2000

Semi-rigid corrugated stainless steel tube was initially used in Japan and then in North America, where the product has captured more than 50% of the US gas pipe market.

TracPipe® is the market leading product in the UK and has been since its introduction in 2000. With the introduction of TracPipeCC® in 2018, OmegaFlex® once again demonstrated how its innovative products will help shape the industry for years to come.

Money Saving

TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® are up to 75% faster to install than rigid pipe materials meaning you can save time on installation costs. Both products also typically have superior gas flow rates than comparable products in the market place, offering the potential to make increased savings by reducing the diameter of pipework required. As part of our support we offer a pipework sizing service, also free of charge.


Benefits to Specifiers of choosing TracPipe® and TracPipeCC®

  • For ease and speed of installation
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Run long, continuous lengths direct from meter to appliance – No joints
  • Comprehensive range of AutoFlare® fittings integrate directly to rigid pipe materials
  • Durable and light weight
  • Semi-rigid and flexible
  • Bends and conforms by hand
  • Cuts with a standard stainless steel tube cutter
  • No threading or hot works needed
  • TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® can be used for direct burial without the need for additional mechanical or corrosion protection
  • TracPipeCC® can be used as a pipe in pipe system for unventilated voids (horizontal and vertical runs)
  • In continuous lengths (no joints), TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® can be routed within fire protected areas as the products meet Fire Test A of BS EN 1775, Annex A.
  • The outer covers of TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® achieve a EUROCLASS Reaction to Fire Rating of B-s1, d0.

Up to 75% faster to install than rigid pipe materials

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