Any person who is either installing or specifying TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® has the option of undertaking the free of charge training offered by OmegaFlex®. Training can take place on-site, at your offices or via our video conferencing facility.

Why should installers take the training?

Although TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® are quick and simple to install, installers need to ensure they get the fundamentals of installation correct, such as always ensuring a good clean cut and tightening the AutoFlare® fittings to the correct torque. By being properly trained and introduced to the product, this will ensure installers make a correct gas tight joint first time, every time.

Also, by being trained, installers will be aware of the additional support we offer such as technical support, site visits, and free sizing service.

We offer
free of charge
training to users
and specifiers.

What does the training cover?

The free of charge training gives you all the fundamental information about the product including:

  • Key benefits including ease and speed of installation, no hot works, minimal joints and light weight products
  • Installation requirements such as direct burial, external installations, routed within fire protected areas and unventilated voids
  • Assembly of the AutoFlare® fittings and the extensive range available
  • The ‘do and don’ts’

Training typically takes between 45 minutes and an hour to complete and the session will involve an introduction to both TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® with a demonstration of how to assemble the AutoFlare® fitting. Attendees will also be given an opportunity to assemble a fitting themselves and then they need to complete a question paper to demonstrate their understanding.

Services to ACS centres, colleges and other training providers

With over 20 years’ experience operating in the UK market, OmegaFlex® is proud of the high quality  products we manufacture as well as the additional support services we provide free of charge. With this in mind, OmegaFlex® offers to carry out free training for engineers and apprentices so they fully appreciate the requirements for installing TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® in the UK.

We have a close working relationship with hundreds of training providers around the country where we visit and carry out training for the current and next generation of installers. This is beneficial to all involved as it enables installers to understand the benefits of using TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® and it gives training providers further opportunity to offer specialist training to their customers.

We will also provide training materials such as product samples, brochures and installation instructions to training providers to use and display in their training establishments.

Our relationship with training providers is always growing and if you are interested in working with us, we will be more than willing to help. If you want to join our training network, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Benefits to Specifiers of choosing TracPipe® and TracPipeCC®

  • For ease and speed of installation
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Run long, continuous lengths direct from meter to appliance – No joints
  • Comprehensive range of AutoFlare® fittings integrate directly to rigid pipe materials
  • Durable and light weight
  • Semi-rigid and flexible
  • Bends and conforms by hand
  • Cuts with a standard stainless steel tube cutter
  • No threading or hot works needed
  • TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® can be used for direct burial without the need for additional mechanical or corrosion protection
  • TracPipeCC® can be used as a pipe in pipe system for unventilated voids (horizontal and vertical runs)
  • In continuous lengths (no joints), TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® can be routed within fire protected areas as the products meet Fire Test A of BS EN 1775, Annex A.
  • The outer covers of TracPipe® and TracPipeCC® achieve a EUROCLASS Reaction to Fire Rating of B-s1, d0.

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