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  • Saves up to 75% of installation time
  • Bends and conforms by hand
  • Pull gas pipe like electrical wire
  • Cuts with a standard stainless steel tube cutter
  • No threading or welding needed
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Unique, patented AutoFlare® fittings require no specialist tools to seal first time, every time
  • Can be buried directly in the ground or in screed
  • Manufactured to withstand normal shrinkage and movement to buildings
  • Installs faster, easier and safer
  • No hot work needed

TracPipe® – Faster, Safer, Easier

Save up to 75% of installation time on a typical installation with TracPipe® stainless steel semi-rigid piping.

The TracPipe® system can be used on domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

  • New gas installations
  • Replacement of existing gas installations
  • Extension of existing gas installations

Bend it, bury it, turn it…now, you wouldn’t get that with other pipe materials such as rigid copper and steel. But, with TracPipe®, which is available in reels of up to 90m, you can bend it around those awkward corners, twist it easily through tight spaces, bury it underground or below floorboards, turn in around walls and route it through the most difficult of installations with ease – often in one continuous length with no joints. No need for heat for soldering or welding joints or having to wait around after the installation. TracPipe® is clean, easy to use, pliable and the only tools you’ll need is a standard wheeled pipe cutter, a utility knife and a couple of spanners.

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