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Looking to Train Installers?

We have a close working relationship with many training providers around the country where they carry out TracPipe® training on our behalf. This is beneficial to all involved as it enables installers to understand the benefits of using TracPipe®;  it gives training providers further opportunity to offer specialist training to their customers and it helps us increase the awareness of TracPipe® and the advantages of using it.

This relationship with training providers is always growing and if you are interested in working with us, we will be more than willing to help.

Why should installers take the training? 
Any person who is either installing or specifying TracPipe® has the option of undertaking the training. The training outlines all the fundamental information about the product including:

  • Key benefits
  • Installation requirements
  • Assembly of the AutoFlare® fittings
  • The ‘do and don’ts’

Why is it important to be trained?tracpipe situ1
Although the product is quick and simple to install, installers need to ensure they get the fundamentals of installation correct, such as always ensuring a good clean cut and tightening the AutoFlare® fittings to the correct torque. By being properly trained and introduced to the product, this will ensure installers make a correct gas tight joint first time, every time.

Also, by being trained, installers will be aware of the additional support we offer such as technical support and site visits, Information Sheets, pipe sizing service, amongst others.

What will Omega Flex Limited provide for the training? 
We will carry out ‘train the trainer’ sessions so all of the trainers are fully aware of the installation requirements and benefits. We will also provide all of the training materials and product samples you will need. The training materials will include:

  • PowerPoint training presentation
  • Supporting literature including installation guide and product brochure
  • Display posters for your training centre
  • A range of TracPipe® samples and AutoFlare® Fittings

Do installers get a qualification when trained? 
We do not offer a qualification as such but each person who has been trained by us will be issued with a credit card sized ID card. You can then use this to demonstrate that you are competent in the installation of TracPipe®.


  • Saves up to 75% of installation time
  • Bends and conforms by hand
  • Pull gas pipe like electrical wire
  • Cuts with a standard stainless steel tube cutter
  • No threading or welding needed
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Unique, patented AutoFlare® fittings require no specialist tools to seal first time, every time
  • Can be buried directly in the ground or in screed
  • Manufactured to withstand normal shrinkage and movement to buildings
  • Installs faster, easier and safer
  • No hot work needed


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