Benefits of using TracPipe® for Specifiers

TracPipe® - the stainless steel semi-rigid gas piping system is quickly becoming the recognised alternative to rigid copper or steel pipework installed between the meter and an appliance.

TracPipe® system can be used on domestic, industrial and commercial applications for new, replacement and extensions to gas systems.

The key advantage when using TracPipe® is the reduction in installation time and cost, sometimes by as much as 75%.

The Omega Flex Limited team will also help to design the gas pipework installation, saving you even more time on the design and specification stages of a project.

To learn about the additional benefits of designing with TracPipe®, please click through to our Specifiers site.


Benefits of using TracPipe® for Installers

The key advantage that installers using TracPipe® have when quoting to win business is the reduction in labour time and cost. This will result in being able to complete more profitable work in less time due to the significant time saving benefits of the product.

The corrugated design of the pipe allows it to be run quickly and safely in continuous lengths, bending easily by hand without altering its internal diameter. TracPipe® can easily run the entire length of the installation with no fittings between either end and requires no special tools - there’s no need for
time-consuming jointing, soldering or welding.

Available in lengths of up to 90m or in KITs of 5m, 10m or 15m lengths for one off installations, TracPipe® is a solution you have been looking for.

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Training With Tracpipe®

Training Providers

We have a close working relationship with training providers around the country where they carry out TracPipe® training on our behalf. If you are interested in working with us please click through to the Training Providers site.

Our Products® from

Our Products

TracPipe® is available in a wide range of sizes and lengths. We also supply a variety of fittings suitable for most installations. Please click the link below to see our full range.

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